Watch On-line  #TEDxNorwichED   2017: Inspiring Generations

Missed out on tickets?   Norwich too far to go?   Can’t make the full day?

Don’t worry- you can still join in and experience TEDxNorwichED 2017:Inspiring Generations-  right from your computer or mobile device.

Make sure you check out our 2017 event brochure here to find out all about what is coming up, and that you check out our amazing partners here.    Want to know more about TEDxNoriwichED?  Visit this page!

​We’ll be streaming live on this page from ​9:40am ​on Saturday 18th March. You’ll hear all of our talks as they happen, and can still join in the conversation through twitter- use the hashtag #tedxnorwiched – can you help us trend in the top 10 in the UK like we did in 2016? ​

Join in with the conversation.

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TEACHERS : Human first, because #’ARTconnects. A short film from #TEDxNorwichED Inspired by @jazampawfarr SEE:…

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It’s a week since #tedxnorwiched! Find out how we trended @thespacenorwichon my #blog with @happyasbarry

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Lucy Gurteen

Check out my latest @LinkedIn #blog on @TEDxNorwichED with lunch provided by @TheFeedCIC @SimonAbel84 &…

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What are you doing on 18 March? Why not listen to 25 amazing speakers- Inspiring Generations at #tedxnorwiched?…

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Creativity and the connection economy A short film from #TEDxNorwichED @jazampawfarr SEE:

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