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Can you help make TEDxNorwichED a reality?​​   Find out more about our partnership opportunities here.

W are grateful for the following partners, who are an essential part of TEDxNorwichED 2018.

Principal Partners

Supporting Partners

Associate Partners

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Do you want to join them?

Can you help make TEDxNorwichED:Dream Big  a great success?   We rely on the generosity and support of partners to help make our events happen.   

6 facts you may not know about partnering with TEDxNorwichED…

1.  TEDxNorwichED: Dream Big  is currently the  full day TEDx ED event in Euorupe in 2018.

2.  In 2017, over 10,000 people saw the event live on the day, with  600,000+ more views (and counting) after the event day.

3.  TEDxNorwichED is run entirely voluntarily, and cannot make a profit, nor pay any organisers or speaekrs.   It relies on partners, as well as ticket sales, to help meet the costs of putting on this world-class event.

4.   TEDxNorwichED views each partnership as unique- and want to work to ensure the partnership works for both parties. 

5.  TEDxNorwichED  has quickly become known as one of the premier education focused events in the UK, and attracts attendees from across the UK, and even further afield!

6. TEDxNorwichED is keen to work with your organisation- so why not get in touch today?

Benefits for partners.

Each partnership is unique, and the benefits depend on the nature and value of the partnership, but benefits could include…

​Guaranteed tickets for the event – a chance to network and discuss education and education change with key influencers and decision makers. 

 Opportunities to have a presence in our BIG DREAMS networking and exploration areas .

 Mention of your partnership in pre and post roll screens on videos of each talk – these are made available via the TEDx YouTube account, and have had videos from 2016  and 2017 have had over 600,000 views so far. 

 Association with an innovative, unique and engaging event – which has a positive reputation. 

 Presence at the only full dayTEDxED event in the Europe in 2018 

 Being part of a socially responsible and ‘grass roots’ movement aimed at improving education .

 Opportunities to provide information and ‘freebies’ in our attendee bags 

 Opportunities for logo placement – including on our website, mailing lists, in the event brochure and t-shirts​​​​​​