The UK's premier TEDxED event is back for 2020!

We brought you 'Thinking Differently' in 2016, 'Inspiring Generations' in 2017 and 'Dream Big' in 2018 and in 2019 we brought you...

TEDxNorwichED: Look Again on
Saturday 13th July 2019
at The Space, Norwich

Save the date- TEDxNorwichED 2020- Make The Difference will take place on the 25th April 2020! 

TEDxNorwichED 2019: Look Again took place on 13th July 2019. 

Talk videos from the day will be relesed towards the end of August. 
In the meantime, check out our hihlight video below!


You joined  us on the next year of our journey as we continue the conversation and spark new ones and  look again  at education in its broadest sense.   

You joined us as we share ideas, share inspiration, and look again together.

You joined us as we looked again at what defines education- of all types- and what role education has in our 21stCentury world.

 We looked again at schools and how they support children and young people to become responsible citizens.

We looked again at how we can foster lifelong learning.

We looked again at the role of educators and explore amazing things that educators have achieved.

We looked again at how we ensure everybody can access education.

We looked again at how we can spark imagination, invention and ingenuity, and how we can help people become catalysts for change.

But, most importantly, we looked  again at how we can inspire people of all ages.

As surely, it is only if we collectively look again that amazing things will happen?

What is TEDx?

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Our event is called TEDxNorwichED where x = independently organised TED event.

At our TEDxNoriwchED event, video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection.

The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self organised and self funded.