Who is behind TEDxNorwichED?

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The core organising team of TEDxNorwichED is made up of 3 committed and enthusiastic teachers and school leaders who work at schools within Norfolk and Suffolk.   They also have the support of a growing ‘band’ of people who are helping them make TEDxNorwichED the best it can be.    As with all TEDx events, the event is organised purely as a voluntary endeavour.

In line with many TEDx events, the organisers details are being kept out of the limelight- the focus should be on the event, rather than the people behind it.

The organisers are organising the event in a personal capacity, and it is in no way linked to their employers.   The event is certainly not intended as a criticism of their employers (quite the opposite in fact)- but has been created as a reflection of the problems faced by education in East Anglia.


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