to speak at TEDxNorwichED

Following the phenomenal success of TEDxNorwichED: Thinking Differently, TEDxNorwichED: Inspiring Generations  and TEDxNorwichED: Dream Big we are pleased to announce that TEDxNorwichED is back on the 13th July 2019, with TEDxNorwichED: Look Again– the onlyTEDxED event in the Europe in 2018.



Please make sure you take a read through all the information below before applying- you’ll find the link to the application form at the bottom of this page.­   

However, if you’ve read this before, click on the button to the left to apply now, or access a saved application.

Do you have an idea worth sharing, or a story to tell?

Applications are open to anyone – from the unknown to the famous – you do not need to have talked before to apply –but, obviously, we do ask that you are confident that you can present a TED-style talk!  

We want to hear your ideas worth sharing, which match our theme of LOOK AGAIN

For information about our theme, make sure you check out our homepage– there you will  find a summary of what we are looking for at the event.

Our ‘Look Again’ theme is purposefully broad – anything that can be linked back to the theme of goes- it’s up to you!

Application system kindly provided by YouNoodle.

Join us for an application on 2nd April.

Join us at 7pm on 2nd April on our Facebook Page for a free and interactive application masterclass through Facdebook Live.  You’ll find out all you need to know about applying, plus get top tips and insiders information on how to make an amazing application!

Can I Apply?

Applications to speak are open to ANYONE! Yes, that includes you….

All we ask is that you have an idea or message worth sharing, or you make us think or question.

If you’ve read through all of the information on this page, and want to have a go, we do strongly encourage you to apply. Some of our best speakers have been those who were on the cusp of not applying, but who are now so glad they have!

You don’t have to be a professional speaker, or had much (or indeed any) public speaking experience. We can help you build the skills you need. Of course, you are also welcome to apply if you have had tons of public speaking experience- each year we have a broad mix of speaking experience apply.

If your idea or talk needs it, you can also apply as a group to speak- but there must be justification for the talk being delivered by more than one person.

If you want to do this, ask the lead person of your group to fll in the form, and make it clear that there will be more than one of you on stage! An example of where this has worked well before is when a young person and adult(s) have shared the stage to give a truly multi-generational take and view.

What about the education theme?

You don’t need to work in education, nor does your talk have to be ‘about’ education. About half of our speakers (and 40% of our attendees) each year would not class themselves as ‘educationalists’, but they had relevant ideas to share that fitted with our themes.

But what we do ask is that you are interested in, and passionate about, education in its broadest sense.  This could include education in schools, careers, health and wellbeing,  workplace education, leadership development,  self development for our attendees and many many more.  

We are also especially looking for young people themselves to apply to speak- so if you know a young person who has an idea to tell or story to share, please encourage them to apply. We’ve had speakers as young as 10 before!

What aren't we looking for?

Whilst our applications are open to anyone, there are some things we don’t want to see- whether that be because of TED’s rules or our own event philsophy.

So we aren’t looking for people who:-

  • Are going to sell or blatantly self promote from the stage– no sales pitches allowed.
  • Are going to deliver a talk they have delivered publicly elsewhere – each TEDx talk must be unique, and the first time that that specific talk is heard in public- but of course, you can speak on themes you have spoken about before.
  • Aren’t going to do at least one of the following:– inspire, motivate, innovate, pose a question, share or encourage a discovery or present a new idea.
  • Have shoe-horned a talk into our (purposefully broad) theme.
  • Aren’t prepared to deliver their talk without notes– all TEDx talks are noteless, but we will help you achieve this!
  • Have a purely political agenda– Politics and policy are key parts of the conversation. But the TEDx stage is not the place for partisan politics, nor for extremist or inflammatory positions. You should not advocate for parties, party platforms and political leaders in your talks — nor should you insult or belittle political adversaries.
  • Are going to present ‘bad’ science– TED are very clear that no pseudoscience is allowed.
  • Expect to be paid for their talk– by TED rules we can’t pay for talks, nor offer expenses, but we do commit to giving you an amazing platform, all the support we can, a fabulous and popular event, and a great quality TEDx video.

Why Speak at TEDxNorwichED 2019?

We appreciate that you have a choice of where to apply to speak! Here are some of the things that we, and our previous speakers, feel makes TEDxNorwichED a fantastic and unique place to do a TEDx talk.

  • TEDxNorwichED is unique– it’s one of the only TEDxED events to take place each year across the world- in 2019 we are the only TEDxED event currently planned for the entire of Europe! We are currently the only full scale TEDxED that has been licensed event in the UK for the past few years.
  • We have a massive online audience– in 2018, over 25,000 unique people watched our live stream on the day. We also trended on twitter in the top 5 in the UK for 6 hours on the event day, with tweets about the event reaching over two million accounts!
  • We are well respected- we’ve already had many enquiries about speaking- and that’s even before we announced there was a 2019 event!
  • We plan the event to give the best possible video– after all, we know that more people will see your talk after the event than ‘live’ on the day. We invest over a quarter of our whole budget on video flming and production.
  • We provide a unparalleled ‘in person’ attendee experience- which is frequented stated by attendees as one of the best they have experienced.
  • We ensure the event is accessible for all– despite being able (and even encouraged by some) to, we don’t charge high ticket prices,  We also support those who can’t afford our ticket price, but would be a valuable part of the audience to attend.
  • We give you our utmost commitment and support- to supporting you in creating a great talk and having an amazing speaker experience.
  • We are not-for-profit, and volunteer organised– there is no corporate agenda here.

What will your talk be like?

It goes without saying, but it must be ‘TED’ style. If you’ve never seen a TED video- go watch some! Or even better check out some of our videos from last year.

It must tie in with our theme, in some way- yes, we’ve said this before, but this is key. However, our theme is purposefully broad.

You must be able to ‘own the stage’- you will have the stage to yourself for the length of your talk- and it goes without saying that you will need to engage and hold your audiences attention. We can help you feel confident with speaking though- so don’t let it put you off!

Your talk must be practiced and practiced- we appreciate taking on a TEDx talk is a big commitment, and thank you in advance for the time you will put into practicing, perfecting and polishing your talk – but know that all the effort will be worth it when you present on the day and are part of of the conversation around our Look Again theme.

It must fit within the time allocated. Speaekrs will be given a slot of between 5 and 18 minutes for their talk. This fts with the TED style and rule-book. Some of the most popular TED talks are short talks, and very few TEDxNorwichED talks are allocated the full 18 minutes. We will ask you as part of your application how long you would like- but reserve the right to offer you a different length of talk.

It must be unique- not something that popped could have heard you give elsewhere. The ideas may, of course, not be brand new, but the talk must be.

It mustn’t rely on a traditional powerpoint- you can use our screen in anyway you like during your talk, and you don’t need to use it (about half our talks don’t use the screen)- but aim for powerful images, key words, videos, quotes etc, rather than death by powerpoint!

Our top tips for your application.

Here are our top tips for making an amazing application:-

  • Take your time.
  • Register on our application system now, so you can see the questions, and what we would like from you.
  • Express yourself- our judging team will be reading a lot of applications- will yours stand out?
  • Make sure you link, in some way, to our theme.
  • Make sure you come across – why should we have you on the stage?
  • Last year, we had instances where 5 people have pitched very similar talk ideas- so why should you give the talk you have proposed. Our questions are designed to help us get to know you, as much as your talk.
  • Ensure your idea, or the purpose of your talk (whether it to be inspire, prompt discussion, make people question things, share an idea etc) is clear.
  • If you can, produce something for us- you have the option to upload a file, or link to a website- can you create a quick video? Maybe you want to create an infographic for us? Or something else? Be creative! About 50% of our speakers last year created something which helped us find out more about them . However, this is not a hard requirement, and we will accept applications without them.
  • Remember, things are able to change once you’ve been accepted including your talk title- but not the overall theme of your talk.
  • Join us for a special Facebook live at 7pm on 2nd April  when
  • Tim, the the rest of the team  behind TEDxNorwichED and some of our previous speakers will be sharing top tips and answering questions.
  • Make sure you follow us on Facebook to fnd out more
  • Ask for help or guidance- drop us an email to at any point during the application window, and one of the team will get back to you!

How to apply.

So, you’ve made it to the bottom of the page!

Thank you for reading everything above- it will help you craft an amazing application!

We really hope you want to submit an application to speak.

Here is how the process works..

– We are using an online application system, kindly provided by younoodle. Click on the big link below to be taken to the system.

– You will then need to register. Once registered, click on TEDxNorwichED 2019 to start your application.

– You will then be taken to the main application form- you can see the questions we want, with some of them having word limits, and the compulsory questions marked with a *.

– You can save and return to your application at any time.

– Once you are happy with it, press next, and next again to be taken to the overview page, where you can check it out one more time- it is from this page that you can submit your application.

– A wide ranging panel will review your submissions, and provide their comments.

– We will then take these comments into a selection meeting, chaired by our lead organiser, but with a range of people on it- in tis (often long) meeting we make the very difficult decisions about our programme and who fits where!

– We will then notify you of the outcome by 29th April. If you are accepted, we ask you to keep this a ‘secret’ for now!

Applications close at 23:59 on Sunday 14th April.



All applicants will hear the outcome of their applications on 29th April 2019.

Our application system is kindly provided through our partnership with YouNoodle.

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