Meet our speakers

We are so excited to announce our line up of amazing and inspirational speakers for TEDxNorwichED 2019: Look Again.  You can see all of their details below! 

Our speakers include:  inspirational young people, teachers, TV and stage actresses, radio presenters, psychiatrists, GPs, pastors, counsellors, school leaders, poets, scientists, education consultants, managing directors, personal trainers, authors, communication experts, social workers… and many more amazing people  besides!

As usual for TEDxNorwichED we have put together a mix of names you may recognise, along with many that you may not- but all of which have an amazing ‘idea worth sharing’ and who are sure to inspire and motivate and make you think.   Our speakers  are a great mix of educationalists, and those valuable and skilled voices outside the field of education- as always, all of the talks are applicable in some way to education in it’s widest sense, and we know we are in for another great year of inspiring and thought provoking speeches. 

Our day is split into 5 sessions, each with their own loose focus/theme-  Look Again at Health,  Look Again at Equality, Look Again at Education, Look Again at Wellbeing and Look Again at Leadership.

Along with the line up below, we’ve also got a lot of suprises in store for you- so make sure you watch online throughout the day on the 13th July so you don’t miss anything!

Session 1- Look Again at Health

Session 2- Look Again at Equality

Session 3- Look Again at Education

Session 4- Look Again at Wellbeing

Session 5- Look Again at Leadership